Beyond Borders

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Beyond Borders:

Beyond Borders, Bridging Humanity: is a living nomenclature that morphs across disciplines & ecosystems. At the center is a questions, "How do we  meet & engage with Others safely for all?" The buddha dharma lenses of applied curiosity & noticing, extended towards self & others, creates the metaphoric safe container through which meeting & understanding are cultivated. 

To start, we need to define & understand what is meant by (& what the word means to you) other? In this context, other refers to humans besides yourself, animals, plants, fungi, microbes... any natural phenomenon, &, perhaps, inorganic entities such as AI. The context for engagement can be within a family (of birth &/or chosen), aligned group, community, or culture. Each signifier is defined by the group & filtered through your intellectual & psychological lenses... for how we identify, & correlated meanings, norms, & values, impacts our understanding of & response to others & self.

Approaches include: The Way of Council, Re-Wilding, Restorative Justice, & Cross-Cultural Reconciliation, which facilitate personal & collective trauma recovery and engender cross-cultural relationships between relocated persons/families & NGO's/Non Profits to co-create self-directed community building projects & experiences through reparative justice models.


Annie Jordan, PhD  is a consultant & project facilitator for Individuals, Communities, Non-Profit’s, & NGO’s. She also provides small group mediation. Annie's work draws from her 25-years experience working & learning with and advocating for the human rights of targeted populations & individuals, be they marginalized, persecuted, or ignored in The United States & Globally. Preview link is provided as a compilation of previous projects.

(For more project history, please refer to resume or inquire via contact link.)