Depth Psychology

Consultant & Facilitator:

Psyche Guide:

     * Mapping your psychic infrastructure 

Emotional Education:

     * Learn how to identify emotions, triggers, & correlating actions/reactions.

     * Develop navigation tools that compliment your personality, psychic infrastructure, & relationships.

     * Enhance your abilities to work with your emotional patterns & life experiences.

     Storytelling: Reflective practice wherein you are empowered to tell your story or stories in a safe space while I listen into & reflect pieces of your story back to you to discover deeper meaning & learn practical applications to tend life events.

     The Intuitive Process is cultivated from 30 years of personal & group work informed by Depth Psychological & Indigenous Knowledge Systems from a global perspective.

     My role is to witness your story, hear what parts of the story seem to be asking for attention, & honestly reflect them. 

     Self-Empowered approach through a co-creative process wherein I help you develop & sustain tools to navigate & integrate your lived experiences throughout your life path/journey.

     The purpose/goal of this process is to engender your ability to recognize & utilize the various tools & resources available to you to accomplish your goals.

Dream Tending:

Shadow Play: On the surface is a depth with many perspectives.

     * Learn skills to engage archetypal patterns, images, symbols, & nature to develop & enhance your own way of processing lived experiences with an emphasis on the unconscious through tending dream landscapes.

     * Whether it’s a specific dream or topic you want to explore or you just have a natural curiosity to examine this in-between state of consciousness, I am here to help guide you through the journey so you do not get lost. Focus on archetypal, alchemical, symbolic, & imaginal pathways. 

Annie offers individual & small group dream tending sessions. 

Sliding fee scale offered & Trade considered.

Beyond Borders:

     Beyond Borders, Bridging Humanity: is a living nomenclature that morphs across disciplines & ecosystems. At the center is a questions, "How do we  meet & engage with Others safely for all?" The buddha dharma lenses of applied curiosity & noticing, extended towards self & others, creates the metaphoric safe container through which meeting & understanding are cultivated. 

     Approaches include: The Way of Council, Re-Wilding, & Cross-Cultural Reconciliation, which Facilitate personal & collective trauma recovery and engender cross cultural relationships between relocated persons/families & NGO's/Non Profits to co-create self directed community building projects & experiences through reparative justice models.

Please see Beyond Borders page for more information about projects & applications.

About Dr. Annie Jordan:

     Dr. Annie offers depth psychological, mindfulness-based storytelling & education for individuals & groups. The purpose is for you to create your own process to navigate lived experiences, tend your psyche needs, & to accomplish your goals. Dr. Annie employs various depth oriented techniques, such as dream work, arts-based processes, meditation, & eco-psychological engagements. Learn to develop & deepen your intuitive nature to enhance your life & awareness of your self & the world..

     Annie's practice is shaped by her studies & work with Depth, Transpersonal, & Buddhist Psychologists, Somatic & Meditative Guides, and Native American & global Indigenous Healers. 

Annie received her PhD in Depth Psychology in 2021, Pacifica Graduate Institute.

Received her MA in Depth Psychology in 2010, Pacifica Graduate Institute.

Received her BA in Transpersonal & Cultural Studies in 2002, Burlington College.

Private practice since 2010.

     * In person, Telehealth, or Outdoor options.

     * 1:1 Psyche Care Sessions: $150/60 min. & $225/90 min.

     * Sliding Scale available.

     * Insurance not accepted.                                                                                                                 

For more work history, please refer to abbreviated resume link.

Non-Licensed Non-Certified Psychotherapist in Vermont

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