Shadow Work


      * Dark Night of the Soul

Shadow Play: On the surface is a depth of perspective...  A nature-based lens to explore our lived experiences & employ our soul work through embodied, imaginal practices.

The Ancient Art & Science of Alchemy

Applied Alchemy: The metaphoric application of the alchemical process, it's four stages, & associated processes & symbolic objects are  used as a guide through ones' Dark Night of the Soul.

Creative/Artistic Practices: Learn skills to engage archetypal patterns, images, & symbols, and nature to develop & enhance your own way of processing lived experiences with an emphasis on the unconscious through employing creative mediums.

What is Alchemical Art?

  • Alchemical art is a practice in how people can keep their own council for psychological sustenance & in times of crisis. 
  • Alchemical art is a psychological self-care process that can be used when one does not have access to therapeutic professionals or healers, or, when one does, in conjunction with them.
  • The client engages in imaginal dialogues with dream symbols & images and natural patterns & designs, which Dr. Jordan views as the sensory symbolic language of psyche, the unconscious, &/or dissociated trauma parts.
  • Alchemical art explores one’s relationship with one’s intuition, creative potential, & shadow parts.
  • The ancient alchemical process provides the infrastructure by utilizing the four alchemical stages of growth, Nigredo, Albedo, Citrinitas, & Rubedo, to ground the psychological practice.  
  • This process was inspired by & draws from foundational depth psychology, which centered arts-based knowledge & alchemical processes between psyche & soma in the healing & transformation process.
  • This arts-based process utilizes imaginal, heuristic, & auto-ethnographic methodological approaches.