Shadow Work

Alchemical art is a psychological self-care process to use with a healer or on your own.


Beyond Borders

Facilitating personal & collective trauma recovery


Depth Psychology

Depth-Oriented, Mindfulness-Based Storytelling to Empower Your Life.




Dr. Annie JordanDepth-Oriented, Mindfulness-Based Storytelling to Empower Your Life.

     Dr. Jordan has 30+years experience working directly with people from ages 3-92 who experience(d) non-ordinary states of reality, mania, Alzheimer’s & dementia, developmental & intellectual disabilities, hearing voices, violent behavior tendencies, intimate partner abuse, sexual assault, C-PTSD, suicidal ideation &/or self-harm, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, intergenerational trauma, & those who have lived through war &/or attempted genocide.

     People tell me their stories & I reflect them back to help people learn about their unique psychic make-up. We work together to find psychological processes & practices they can use throughout their lives to navigate & integrate their lived experiences and tend their psychological & somatic needs.

     A holistic and inter- & intra-personal lens drawn from Ancient Ecologic Knowledge Systems & Wisdom Traditions perspectives create the metaphoric container to hold you as Dr. Annie walks with you through the underworld as a guide to keep you safe.

     Private practice since 2010.

  •   * In-person, Telehealth, & Outdoor options.
  •   * 1:1 Psyche Care Session: $150/60 min. & $225/90 min.
  •   * Inquire about sliding scale.
  •   * Insurance not accepted.